World's First Metal-free Conductive Ceramic Coil

Discover the future of vaping technology with Innokin’s groundbreaking innovation. We’re transforming the way you vape by eliminating metal from your coil, delivering an unparalleled vaping experience that’s more satisfying, more efficient, and packed with flavor.

This is not just an evolution

It's a revolution

Traditional e-cigarettes rely on metal coils that come with their fair share of limitations – hotspots, inconsistent heating, and potential toxic metal exposure. Innokin has ushered in a new era with MeFree, a cutting-edge technology that replaces metal with conductive ceramic in your vape coil.

Efficiency Redefined

Our innovative ceramic technology heats up quickly and evenly, translating to lower power consumption. Enjoy longer battery life and fewer recharges.

Say Goodbye to Hotspots

MEFREE’s conductive ceramic ensures even heating, eliminating hotspots that lead to harsh and burnt tastes. Enjoy a consistently smooth vaping experience from the first puff to the last.

Pure Flavor, Every Time

Experience the true essence of your e-liquids. MEFREE preserves the purity of flavors, providing an authentic taste profile like never before.

Safety First

Worried about toxic heavy metals? With MEFREE, you can vape confidently knowing there’s no metal involved in the heating process. Say farewell to potential health concerns.


Conductive Ceramic Coil

Innokin’s MeFree uses a non-metal conductive ceramic as the heating element, guaranteeing outstanding conductivity and resistance consistency.

Stability and Durability

MeFree coils are built to last. They are stable, resistant to erosion, and designed for long-term performance.

Quick and Even Heating

Enjoy faster heat-up times and uniform heating across the coil, ensuring a consistent and satisfying vaping experience.

Safety Assurance

With no metal in the equation, you can vape without worrying about potential exposure to harmful heavy metals.

Ready to Discover the Future of Vaping?